Haruka Tomatsu is one of Japan’s most popular and well-known seiyuus, and she is known for voicing To Love-Ru’s Lala Deviluke, Waiting in the Summer’s Ichika Takatsuki, Lord Marksman and Vanadis’s Eleonora Viltaria, and Sword Art Online’s Asuna. She is also known for promoting one of Kyoto’s most prestigious universities, Kyoto Gakuen.


In the new ads for Kyoto Gakuen, Haruka Tomatsu once again voices Sono Uzumasa, the university’s official PR character and the first video of the two-part TV commercial series titled “The Dream of the Chestnut Tiger Butterfly” has finally been released. The second part is scheduled for release in September.

The TV ad promotes the protection of endangered species and features Sono Uzumasa learning about the Chestnut Tiger Butterfly. Kyoto Gakuen announced they have installed flower sanctuaries for these butterflies around the university grounds, which is also an environment-friendly campus which promotes biodiversity.

Last year, Haruka Tomatsu has also voiced Sono Uzumasa for a variety of TV ads for the university

TV ad for the Faculty of Human and Cultural Studies

TV ad for the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

TV ad for the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

sources: Crunchyroll via Kyoto Gakuen press release