Seiyuus (voice actors/actresses) in Japan are treated like as talents and many of the popular stars have their own legions of fans within the country, but abroad as well. Following the success of many well-known seiyuus, Japanese production and casting company, Production Ace is opening a voice acting school for kids who dream of becoming a seiyuu when they grow up.


Known as the Kids Junior Seiyuu Training Project, this new Seiyuu training school aims to teach kids in elementary and middle school the very basics of voice acting, which of course can mold these kids into becoming great seiyuus in the future.

The instructors for this children’s seiyuu training school include a veteran in the industry, Yuu Mizushima, who previously voiced Takeshi Hirokawa in the Parasyte anime, and is best known for voicing Neithardt Müller in The Legend of Galactic Heroes. Japanese blues singer, Kozue Saito, will also be one of the instructors.

mizushima saitou

In a statement, Mizushima said that he is looking forward to working with kids and said that he wants to inspire and motivate kids with this new school.


The school is currently recruiting elementary school children and middle-schoolers for the project, and applications must be submitted before 11 September 2015. The training period is scheduled from October 2015 until March 2016, and classes are divided into three levels, 1st – 3rd graders, 4th – 6th graders, and middle school kid. An open house event for the school has also been scheduled in August, so that interested applicants can check the school out before the September deadline.

Source: Production Ace official