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Teaser footage for the DVD & BD release of Yuka Iguchi‘s 1st Live Tour Hafa Adai is now available! If you could not make it for her actual concert in January this year, you can watch it now on DVD & BD. The DVD & BD is slated for release on 8 July 2015. Surprisingly both the DVD & the BD are priced the same. First press release will include merchandise such as a staff T-shirt, trading cards and pamphlet. With such enticing goodies, the first press release is expected to be sold out in moments.

The concert set list contains all the songs from her first album released last summer, as well as all other songs released prior to the concert. Coming to a total of 18 songs, the full set list also includes various cover songs. Never before seen footage from behind the scenes at the concert live and rehearsals are also being included.

You can check out our post on her 1st Live Tour here.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PMMIXJABQM]


Yuka Iguchi will be holding a birthday event on her birth-date (11 July) at Tokyo Dome City Hall. What’s more, her good friend, Kana Asumi, has been announced as a special guest for the birthday event! The two of them have worked closely together on series such as Yama no Susume and Tamayura.

Takahiro Sakurai will be joining both girls as a special guest for the event as well! Yuka Iguchi and Takahiro Sakurai have been working together since 2009 on the radio show “A&G Media Station Komucha & Countdown” (A&Gメディアステーション こむちゃっとカウントダウン) also known as “Komucha”. Check out Yuka Iguchi’s official website for more details.



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