Yurika is the winner of the Grand-Prix award at the 2nd Pony Canyon “Koe Tama Grand-Prix Audition” in 2012. In April 2013, she debuted as an Anisong duo called “YURI*KARI”, in which some of their credits include the ending theme song to the TV anime “THE SERVERING CRIME EDGE”.

By that time, she had also started her career as a voice actress. In February 2014, she released her solo single, “MONOCRHOME OVERDRIME”, which served as the ending theme of TV Anime “Z/X IGNITION”, and her second single, which was released in August of that same year, was chosen as the ending theme of TV anime “MAGIMOJI RURUMO “. She also has a very active career as a voice actress.

She is known for her role as “Haruno Yoshikawa” in the hit TV anime “ACE OF DIAMOND”.


She has such a clear singing voice which helps you to get hyped about her songs. Plus, she has such a wide a voice range that she can sing serious songs like “MONOCRHOME OVERDRIME” yet at the same time, sing cute songs like “Futari no Chronostasis”.

You really need to catch her live because winning the Koe Tama Grand-Prix is no small feat at all! As a seiyuu, she is just starting out, but I’m sure we will be seeing more of her in the coming seasons!


Her hobbies include watching anime, reading manga and listening to music which is something most of us would share with her. So when you do get a chance to meet her at AFA this year, maybe ask her a question or two about what her favourite anime is?

Her talents include playing the guitar and being very good at typing. She has even played the guitar on stage during her high school days like those you see in K-ON! She sings well, can play the guitar, looks really cute and even likes anime!

What is there not to like about her? So catch her at this year’s AFA!