The 19 year old MICHI is the first from Okinawa to debut as an Anisong singer. Produced by Elements Garden, one of the leading groups of Anisong creators, MICHI began her promising career with her debut single, “Cry for the Truth/Secret Sky”, which served as the opening and ending theme songs to TV Anime “ROKKA: BRAVES OF THE SIX FLOWERS”.

Originally, the producers meant to cast different singers for each theme, and so MICHI tried out for the “Ending theme” audition. However, when the producers heard MICHI’s unrestrained and exceptional voice, they felt an infinite range of possibilities. After that, there were no doubts that she would be perfect to sing both the opening and ending themes.

Her personal motto is “Anime is a universal language”.

What is there to say about this newcomer to the ani-song world? For starters, her voice is spectacular. Just by listening her debut single, “Cry for Truth”, you can hear the strength behind her voice. You just wouldn’t expect such a powerful voice coming from such a cute face.

Although she has just debut, you definitely will want to see and hear more of her in the future!

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