Yumiri Hanamori or nicknamed “Hanabay”. Despite still being in high school, the up-and-coming voice actress, Yumiri, already has a slew of impressive credits. Her filmography includes, “ACE OF DIAMOND” (role: Sachiko Umemoto), “THE ROLLING GIRLS” (role: Chiaya Misono), “ETOTAMA” (role: Uritan).

Also well known for having an exceptional talent as a singer, she has sung the character songs for “THE ROLLING GIRLS” and “ETOTAMA”. Yumiri’s career further expands to radio personality and video games, with credits including, “YUKI YUNA IS A HERO: MEMORY OF THE FOREST” (role: Gin Minowa), “REBELLION BLADE” (role: Amu), and “CRUSADER QUEST” (role: Popo).


At the young age or just 18, Yumiri or Hanabay is already making her rounds as a seiyuu with several main roles in anime already!

Be it the adorable (and really useless at times) Uri-tan from ETOTAMA, to the soft spoken alien Chiyaya from THE ROLLING GIRLS, she has proved to be a great seiyuu despite her young age.

She has appeared regularly on the ETOTAMA niconico broadcasts and I have to say she is adorable!


In fact she even has her own radio show! Even though she is just a high school student during such a stressful schooling period, she already has established herself as a seiyuu! She has even went to the American event, Anime Expo as a special guest!

Singing wise, she has sung several character songs from THE ROLLING GIRLS and ETOTAMA. I feel that with the head start she has from starting out so young, she will definitely go far in her career as a seiyuu and maybe oneday, as a solo singer!


From her profile, it says that her special skills include playing tennis and her hobbies are reading, drawing and singing. Will we be lucky enough to hear her sing at this year’s AFA? I guess there is only one way to find out!