For this year’s AFA Indonesia, anime fans both young and old will be receiving a very special visit from veteran seiyuu Show Hayami!

While fans of a younger age may not find the name familiar, we assure you Show Hayami is certainly no stranger to you. Remember Chairman Asano from Assassination Classroom‘s Kunugigaoka Junior High, Count Cruhteo of Aldnoah.Zero, and the iconic Aizen Sosuke of Bleach?

Although his recent portfolio of work has not been not very extensive, you are likely to have also encountered his signature baritone in other works like Fate/Zero (Tokiomi Tohsaka), Sengoku Basara (Akechi Mitsuhide), or Shakugan no Shana (Sairen no Hebi), to name a few others. With his bass tone with a smoothness honed by maturity with an unmistakable an air of menace, he is simply one of the best villain voices certain to send chills down your spine. Seeing Hayami’s name next to a character name is almost a guarantee that some sort of evil is afoot.


Born Oohama Yasushi in Hyougo prefecture in Japan, Hayami is also known amongst seiyuu fans as the creator behind S.S.D.S~Super Stylish Doctors story~. A multi-media series spanning radio, live events, and games involving a number of his seiyuu colleagues and kouhai (juniors), he pulls triple duty by doubling up also as character DR. HAYAMI and lyricist.

Multi-talented and experienced, Hayami definitely knows how to put up a great show. So don’t miss your chance to catch one of the most respected seiyuu legends in action when he visits Jakarta for AFAID 2015  next month! He will be in town to in conjunction with featured anime Assassination Classroom, so fans remember to grab those tickets early!

AFAID 2015! 25 – 27 September, 2015 at Jakarta International Expo! Website: