Yowamushi Pedal The Movie is indeed coming to Indonesia and is coming to AFA ID. Fans will have a chance to see the movie first outside Japan when the movie is screened at the main stage event, held at the Jakarta International Expo.

The movie has just debuted in Japan on 28 Aug 2015, and AFAID is one of the rare chance where Yowamushi fans will be able to catch the movie outside of Japan. If you need any further convincing, you should first watch this trailer:

The stage has been set to one of the Team Sōhoku ’s toughest road race to date. This time around, Team Sōhoku are invited to compete in a race held at Kumamoto. The best cycling teams from all over the country including but not limited to Kyoto FushimiHakone Gakuen, and Hiroshima Kureminami  have come together to compete in this race. Of course not wanting to be outdone at their own turf, homegrown talents from Kumamoto Daiichi High School cycling team led by their cycling ace, Shin Yoshimoto (CV: Mamoru Miyano) will also be participating in the race. Will Team Sōhoku still reign supreme? Will Hakone Gakuen be able to regain back their title? Will other teams snatch up the title and win the race?


Yowamushi Pedal is a manga written by Wataru Watanabe and serialized on Weekly Shōnen Champion in 2008. It tells the tale of Sakamichi Onoda(CV:Daiki Yamashita), a freshman at Sōhoku Koukou, and an anime enthusiast. He bikes his way together with his trusted, old mamachari from his school to all the way to Akihibara – a feat of 45 km, just so he can buy the latest merchandise of his favorite anime show, “Love Hime” (Love Princess). Soon he catches the interest of fellow freshman and cycling enthusiast, Shunsuke Imaizumi (CV:Toriumi Kousuke), who once saw him conquering the slope at their school’s back gate. Imaizuimi had showdown with Onoda, from which the latter later lost. Imaizumi had then encouraged the defeated Onoda to join the school’s cycling club.  There he meets the captain of Sōhoku‘s bicycle team, Shingo Kinjou (CV:Hiroki Yasumoto), climber, Yuusuke Makishima(CV:Showtaro Morikubo) , “Human Bullet TrainJin Tadokoro(CV:Kentarou Itou) and the sprinter cyclist from Osaka,fellow freshman Shoukichi Naruko(CV:Jun Fukushima). Thus, began the story of a would-be cyclist and his endeavors in becoming one of Japan’s greatest cyclist.

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Director: Osamu Nabeshima ( D.Gray-man)
Anime production: TMS Entertainment
Script: Reiko Yoshida ( Bakuman.)
Character design: Yukiko Ban (DRAMAtical Murder), Yuko Iwasa
Music: Kan Sawada (Yowamushi Pedal)

Full details: Don’t miss it! Make sure you come join us at Jakarta International Expo this September 25,26,27!