With creator Masashi Kishimoto saying he is already satisfied with Boruto and planning on moving onto create a new manga series, some fans are speculating that Boruto may very well be the final Naruto movie out there, and that may have been the reason why it has surpassed all other Naruto movies as far as box office earnings are concerned.


As of 25 August, Boruto: Naruto the Movie has earned 2.02 billion yen since it premiered last 7 August, and it’s still going strong with no signs of slowing down. It has surpassed The Last: Naruto the Movie’s 2.0 billion yen box office earnings, and continues to surpass it with each passing day.

Boruto has earned 145.8% more than The Last: Naruto the Movie, which was previously the highest grossing Naruto movie so far. This means that Boruto has finally done what he has set out to do, which is to surpass his father!

In addition to its box office sales, the movie also has sold approximately 1.56 million tickets in Japan alone. I guess he really did get out of his father’s shadow and come to his own! BELIEVE IT!

Source: animeanime