For those who grew up in the late 80’s/ early 90’s, The Legend of the Galactic Heroes was one of the best anime from their childhood. And now Japanese animation studio, Prodiction I.G., is about to give them some nostalgia as they just announced that there will be a new animated project for the classic, and it will be coming in 2017.


The studio opened a new website, and it teases fans with the line “In 2017, the Galaxy’s history will once more…”


Last year, the series’ stage musical also announced that a new anime is in the works and said that it will not be a remake of the original 1988 anime, but an anime adaptation of Yoshiki Tanaka’s bestselling science fiction novel series. It has not been confirmed if this upcoming 2017 anime and the one announced in the play are in fact the same thing.

The series is based on Yoshiki Tanaka’s bestselling space opera, which has sold over 15 million copies worldwide and was adapted into an anime starting in 1988. From there, it received various OVAs and animated movies until the year 2000, as well as a live-action stage play back in 2014 and an all-female Takarazuka play in 2012.

source: Yaraon!