Making of Prison School manga - hiroc

Prison School is one of the most talked-about anime series this Summer. In addition to the anime adaptation of ecchi-comedy series, we also have a manga detailing the making of the anime: アニメ監獄学園の創った男たち (The Men who Created the Prison School Anime). The said manga reveals what goes on behind the scenes, and in a recent chapter, we get some insight as to how the staff-san managed to get Hiroshi Kamiya (HiroC) on board to play our protagonist, Kiyoshi.

Those who have watched HiroC in seiyuu events should be able to concur that the man has secured himself a relatively high and comfortable place on the seiyuu ladder. And such a position has afforded him the right and power to pick on his little, unsuspecting kouhai (all in good fun, of course). While it is always interesting to watch him tease the other cast members during seiyuu events, wouldn’t it be refreshing to watch him be on the receiving end of such treatment sometimes?

The recent chapter of the aforesaid behind-the-scenes manga gives us just that – a snippet of that rare moment when the tables are turned on HiroC, as we find out just how director Mizushima Tsutomu (someone higher up on the ladder) pretty much “tricked” HiroC into voicing our protagonist, Kiyoshi.

The manga provides a brief account of how director Mizushima wanted to rope HiroC, prince of the seiyuu world, in as the MC, so as to capitalise on his star power and get the sponsors and money rolling in (yes, HiroC is that amazingly famous). Of course, the mention of HiroC’s name was greeted with utter shock and disbelief from the rest of the staff-san, who were certain that they would not be able to secure a name as big as HiroC’s. After all, HiroC has remained extremely wary of Mizushima, ever since the director tricked him into voicing a role in Yondemasu-yo, Azazel-san, and his fragile heart is still reeling from that trauma.

However, director Mizushima would not take “no” for an answer, and insisted that HiroC read the manga and decide for himself. So HiroC did just that, and eventually became convinced and thereafter agreed with Mizushima that he HAS to play the character of Kiyoshi, because only he could do it (lol, ego much?). And besides (as HiroC so naively thought), since it was going to be an OVA, what harm would there be in going a little crazy and over the top?

Wait, hold on.. OVA? Since when was there mention of an OVA?

Exactly.. nobody said anything about an OVA. But HiroC, oh bless his innocent and gullible soul, simply assumed that it would be one. And hence concludes the chapter on how director Mizushima got HiroC (and thereby the sponsors) on board for Prison School.

Oh HiroC, you might like to consider hiring a lawyer to represent you in future negotiations… Lol, just saying~