Yowamushi Pedal has seen quite a number of collaboration. And the latest collaboration features Kumamoto prefecture’s lovable bear mascot, Kumamon, as he is seen catching up to Yowamushi Pedal’s main character, Sakamichi Onoda, while wearing the wearing Kumamoto Daiichi High School jersey. Pedal faster Onoda, he’s definitely catching up!


The new movie, which features an original story written by Yowamushi Pedal creator, Wataru Tatanabe, is set in Mt. Aso, in Kumamoto Prefecture, which or course is where Kumamon is famous for. The lovable bear mascot can be seen in various posters alongside Onoda.

However, it does seem that he’s not entirely loyal to his home team, Kumamoto Daiichi High School, as he can also be seen in another poster wearing Chiba Prefecture’s Sohoku High School jersey. Kumamon, what are you doing?! Staaaaaaahp!


It has also been announced that Kumamon will also be part of other promotions for the movie other that the posters.

The movie will be set after the grueling Inter-High race where Team Sohoku gets invited to a new race in Kumamoto’s Mt. Aso. Their rivals, including the powerhouse Hakone Academy, the home team, Kumamoto Daiichi, the treacherous Hiroshima Kureminami, and the ever-dangerous Kyoto Fushimi are certainly waiting for them in this new competition, which will also serve as the “Final Race” for the third years of Team Sohoku.

The movie will open in Japanese theaters on 28 August with the series creator, Wataru Watanabe, writing the movie’s original story

source: Animate