Before One Punch Man one-shots his way though bad guys this October 2015, the Bandai Visual Youtube channel has started streaming the anime’s latest promotional video (PV), which introduces us to the wacky cast of this overpowered and hilarious superhero anime.

The video introduces the anime’s cast, which includes the main character, Saitama, a.k.a. One Punch Man, voiced by Makoto Furukawa (Golden Time’s Banri Tada). Saitama’s apprentice, Genos, is voiced by Kaito Ishikawa (Haikyuu!!’s Tobio Kageyama) while Yuuki Kaji (Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager) will voice Onsoku no Sonic. Another Yuuki, Aoi Yuuki (Sword Art Online II’s Yuuki Kono) (see what we did there?), will be voicing Senritsu no Tatsumaki.


As announced earlier, One Punch Man will premiere in October, and is currently in production over at Madhouse. It is definitely one of this year’s most anticipated new anime as fans have been asking for its anime adaptation for a very long time now.

The anime will be based on the best-selling and highly-popular shounen battle manga series by Eyeshield 21 creator, Yuusuke Murata and ONE. It revolves around the titular character, One Punch Man, who has trained so hard that his hair fell off and that he can basically solve any problem with just a single punch. Yep, this hero is totally over-powered, and because of this, his victories have become so easy that he has become a little bit too bored already.