The official One Piece website recently launched a countdown timer to a “special announcement”, which featured silhouettes of eight of the anime’s main cast members. This made many fans quite excited and started guessing what this special announcement could be. However, as the timer has now finally reached zero, many fans have been left a little underwhelmed.


The initial teaser silhouettes found in the timer suggested a big shake-up of sorts in the world of One Piece, however, it seems that many fans got their hopes up a little bit too high with the timer, which only revealed new details on the new One Piece Log Collection DVD release.


The website announced that the DVD collection will be released on 28 August 2015, and will begin with the Fishman Island Arc. They also revealed that large versions of the poster seen above, will be shown in Ikebukuro station and Shinjuku station. Five stores, Tower Records, Shibuya Tatsuya, the official One Piece Straw Hat Store, Animate Shibuya, and Rakuten Cafe, have also been announced to participate in a stamp rally from 7 – 21 August.

This announcement is a far cry from the expectations of many fans, who were expecting something new for the series. They even concocted various theories as to what the “special announcement” might be, which ranged from a new One Piece movie, a new character original to the anime, and even a new OVA.

source: animeanime