Comiket is usually when the anime industry’s craziness goes into overdrive, and this summer’s Comiket 88 ain’t no exception as one particular company booth shows.

Shaft has attended Comiket once again this year, and the anime studio famous for the Monogatari series, Nisekoi, and Madoka Magica have done one very PUNny crossover during the event, and it’s called Mado Max!


The booth’s staff wore special pink Mado Max: Fury Comiket shirts, and it certainly amused a lot of people. The shirts, of course, were a crossover between their hit magical girl anime, Madoka Magica, and the hit Hollywood remake of a cult classic, Mad Max: Fury Road. The movie had been a hit in Japan as well as the rest of the world.


At the front, we see Madoka, Homuhomu, and Kyuubey becoming the Mad Max characters, and at the back of their shirts, we see the crossover’s title.


The Shaft booth has sold plenty of MadoMagi goodies during the event, including a tapestry, and other sorts of exclusive merchandise.


source: Crunchyroll