Brace yourselves, the giant Martian cockroaches are back with a vengeance. The second season of the science fiction anime, Terra Formars, has officially been announced via a wrap-around band on Vol. 14 of the original source manga.


Unfortunately, when the second Terra Formars anime will be airing had yet to be announced, so stay tuned for more announcements.

The manga’s wrap-around band not only announces the sequel anime, but it also announced that Yu Sasuga and Kenichi Tachibana’s bestselling Sci-Fi thriller manga now has over 13 million copies in print. It also states that the manga’s live-action movie adaptation, which boasts plenty of star power in terms of the actors involved, will be shown in theaters in Japan on the golden week of 2016, which will be on the spring of next year.


Vol. 1 of the manga, which follows the Bugs-2 arc, was adapted into a 2-part OVA, while the first TV anime adaptation featured the Annex-1 arc, and was aired in the fall of 2014. Both the anime and  the manga is set on the near future, when humanity has sent cockroaches to terraform Mars, however, after 500 years, these cockroaches have grown into gigantic humanoids which kill any human on sight.

Source: Comic Natalie