“No Senpai, this is our fight!” Expect to hear these words once again as the action-fantasy anime, Strike the Blood, will be getting a new OVA this 25 November 2015. And now the artistes performing its opening and ending theme songs have finally been announced.


Singing the OP song for the OVA is none other than the lovely seiyuu who voices Astarte in the anime, Yuka Iguchi. Yuka Iguchi previously performed the OP song for one of last season’s hottest anime, “Is it Wrong to Pick-Up Girls in a Dungeon?”, which is titled “Hey World”, which served as her fourth single. She is known for voicing beloved anime characters like A Certain series’ Index Librorum Prohibitorum and Kantai Collection’s Aircraft Carrier Kaga and Heavy Cruisers Tone and Chikuma.


Meanwhile, the Strike the Blood OVA’s ED song will be performed by Japanese singer and cellist, Kanon Wakeshima. She previously performed the ED song for the Strike the Blood TV anime, “Signal”, and she also performed both OP songs for the two Wixoss anime, “killy killy JOKER” and “world’s end,girl’s rondo”. While Yuka Iguchi performed the Op for “Is it Wrong to Pick-up Girls in a Dungeon”, Wakeshima performed the ED, “RIGHT LIGHT RISE”.


Both songs will be released as singles on 25 November 2015, which is the same day as the OVA’s release. There will also be a sequel OVA scheduled for release on 23 December 2015.

The Strike the Blood OVA, which will be available via DVD format for 1,800 yen, and the story will pick up where the previous TV anime left off. The gang are back to their normal daily lives… until trouble finds them again and a large man with a blade starts stalking Yukina, and of course, that leads to… “No Senpai, this is our fight!”