In the past few years, the bi-annual doujinshi event known as Comiket, or Comic Market, has been dominated by Zun’s doujin game shooter, the Touhou Project, also known as Project Shrine Maiden. However, all that changed in the December of last year, when DMM and Kadokawa’s online PC browser game, Kantai Collection, dethroned Touhou during Comiket 87.


And when Comiket 88 rolled in last Friday, Kantai Collection defeated their rivals for the second Comiket in a row as more circles featured a KanColle doujinshi as compared to the circles which released a Touhou doujinshi. Here’s a comparison between the number of doujin titles being sold in past three Comic Markets:

Comiket 86 (15-17 August 2014) : 1910 Touhou versus 1498 KanColle

Comiket 87 (28-30 December 2014) : 1744 Touhou versus 1840 KanColle

Comiket 88 (14-16 August 2015) : 1496 Touhou versus 1846 KanColle

So will this continue with Comiket 89 this December? Or will the Touhou Project regain its crown as the champion of Comiket? Only time will tell, however, expect Touhou circles to bring up a good fightin the next Comic Market.

source: Crunchyroll