August seems to be a huge month for Attack on Titan, as not only has the series’ first live-action movie premiered last 1 August in Japan, but it will also feature the live-action spin-off series which will serve as the movies’ prequel. The new TV series will premiere on 15 August, and here is the new trailer:

This new series will shift the focus from the Eren-Mikasa-Armin trio, to the character of Hanji Zoe, played by Satomi Ishihara. The series will comprise of three episodes, and each one is slated to run 30 minutes.


A few characters from the live-action movies, such as Sasha Braus (played by Nanami Sakuraba), Fukushi (original character played by Yu Watanabe), Lil (original character played by Rina Takeda), and Hiana (played by Ayame Misaki), will also be reprising their roles, along with a new character named Izuru, played by Nana’s Yuuta Hiraoka.

Episode 1 will focus on the exploits of Hanji while conducting her “Titan Research”, while episode 2 will introduce us to the lovable “Potato Girl” herself, Sasha. Finally, episode three will be introducing us to the original characters and give some more background information about them. Here are three new screenshots, one for each episode.

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Source: Oricon