Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma is still one of the hottest anime this year, and its own unique brand of “food porn” has made many viewers hungry… very very hungry, and to celebrate its success, J-World Tokyo is treating fans to some scrumptious 5-star meals from the series’ student chefs.

Titular character, Soma Yukihira, is serving up some pepper-grilled Spanish mackerel, served over Spanish mackerel onigiri, and it also comes with pickled radishes and Soma’s disgusting (and infamous) creation, the grilled squid with peanut butter. The set comes with some green tea (probably to help wash down that peanut butter squid) and costs 720 yen.


Akira Hayama, one of Soma’s new rivals, will also be serving up his own dish for the Shounen Jump theme park, and it will be called the “Hayama Curry”, which is described as aromatic and fragrant, which plays well with Hayama’s strong sense of smell and excellent knowledge of spices. The dish costs 900 yen and is served with a side of aromatic spiced rice.


Finally, the half-Italian wonder boy, Takumi Aldini, serves up a unique cold pasta, which is served with ham, mangoes, and a splash of lemon. The “Takumi Cold Pasta” comes with an original edible postcard of Takumi himself and costs 840 yen.


These Shokugeki no Soma meals will be served in J-World Tokyo in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine Plaza starting 20 August and the promo will end until 27 September 2015.

source: Mantan