Type-Moon’s first venture into smartphone gaming, Fate/ Grand Order, is undoubtedly one of the hottest smartphone games in Japan right now. In just a small period of time, the gaming app available for Android and iOS smartphones has now reached 3 million users mark.


To celebrate, Type-Moon is launching a new campaign, which will have mankind’s first hero, Gilgamesh (Archer-class) for a very limited time. Gilgamesh will only be available for players to summon from 31 August until 9 September, at 1:59 pm Japan Standard Time (JST).

Starting on 31 August at 5:00 am JST, they will also be distributing a special gift box which contains in-game freebies such as magic stones and QPs to the first 59 people who log into the game.


Fate/ Grand Order was released for iOS and Android smartphones last July and reaching 3 million users is quite the achievement indeed. This is Type Moon’s venture into smartphone gaming, and according to Kinoku Nasu, who wrote the game’s scenario, it aims to bring the Fate series into a more mainstream audience with the smartphone RPG. A new visual for the game has also been released.

The game is described as a “tour of human history” as players seek the grail across seven time periods. For its gameplay, players can create parties of three servants which are summoned by “Divine Stones”. There will also be a unique scenario for each servant. You can check out which servants have been introduced in the game (so far) through this link: http://www.afachan.asia/2015/06/games-fate-grand-order-tv-ad-announces-its-july-release-main-visual-revealed/

source: Attofgoproject official twitter page