For students in Japan, it’s summer vacation, and while many are enjoying the days where they are not going to school with trips to the pool. beach, camping, and marathon gaming, kids are also getting a ton of summer homework. And as many of the kids these days are spending more time playing video games, the official Japanese PlayStation twitter page has asked the students one summer-related question.

They asked students if they have already finished their summer homework, which to some, is the final boss of the summer vacation, and just as troublesome as any Sephiroth, or Diablo, or any PlayStation game final boss out there. However, not everybody was pleased of being reminded:

“No it’s not done! I’m too busy playing PlayStation! Thanks guys!”
“I was just about to start my homework, then Dragon’s Dogma came out. It’s never getting done now.”
“Yeah nothing good’s come out on the Vita recently so I’ve had plenty of time to get it done.”
“…what is this ‘summer vacation’ everyone’s talking about?”
“Give me back the time I wasted with Black Ops 3 Beta so I can finish it!”
“┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐ “

Well, summer homework really is one mean final boss which even puts Dark Souls to shame, right? Hopefully, this can get many students to put down their controllers or PS Vitas and start battling that “Final Boss” everyone is dreading.

Source: Rocket News 24