The Ghost in the Shell franchise has introduced plenty of futuristic weapons wielded by both the bad guys and the good guys, especially in the latest addition to the franchise, Ghost in the Shell: New Movie. Now, fans can be able to play as Motoko or Batou, as airsoft gun manufacturer, Laylax, is reproducing the new movie’s Schrodinger assault rifle, which was wielded by the two protagonists.


The Schrodinger assault rifle played a major role in the movie, and Laylax is making two versions off its airsoft replica. The “Deluxe Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) Version” comes with an electrical gearbox which fires actual projectiles while the “Standard Version” only comes with the gun.

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Released last July 2015, the standard version costs 99,800 yen while the Deluxe Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) Version costs a whopping 158,000 yen.

These airsoft rifles can also be used for cosplay or display purposes, apart from their usual airsoft battle and survival game purposes. However, a bit of a warning though, as airsoft rifles are considered illegal in Singapore, however, they are legal other parts of South East Asia where some have even considered survival games as a sport and have held actual competitions.

Source: Laylax official