Japanese mangaka, Tsutomu Nihei, has previously announced that his bestselling science fiction mecha manga, Knights of Sidonia, is already heading to its conclusion. Now we have a confirmation on when the popular manga will finally be ending.


According to the October 2015 edition of Afternoon magazine, Knights of Sidonia (Sidonia no Kishi), will be ending in the magazine’s November 2015 edition, which will hit Japanese news stands on 25 September.


The manga has been in serialization since 2009, and currently has 14 compiled volumes in print. It has also received two successful 3DCG anime adaptations and previously had a special compilation movie for the first season, which premiered in Japan last 6 March 2015.

So what will happen to humanity? Will it survive the threat of the Gauna? I guess we will be finding out what happens as the manga ends next month.

source: ANN