The first live-action Attack on Titan movie has been quite the box office success as the film made its debut on top of Japan’s local weekend box office and is still going strong despite the mixed reviews by critics. With the first movie’s success and its international screenings that included Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and even a Hollywood premiere in the United States, the cast and staff of the live-action Attack on Titan movies recently held a special press conference to thank everyone for their help in the box office success of the movie.


On stage during the press conference were several members of the cast, Rina Takeda, who plays the original character, Lil, Kanata Hongo, who plays Armin,  Shu Watanabe , who plays the original character, Fukushi, Satomi Ishihara, who plays Hange (Hans), Nanami Sakuraba, who plays Sasha “Potato Girl” Braus, and lead actor, Haruma Miura, who plays Eren. Also present was the cake version of the Colossal Titan.

But how do you cut a cake which is shaped like a titan? Well, it seems that actress Satomi Ishihara remembered her training well as she received the honor of slicing the cake. As a longtime Survey Corps veteran, Ishihara’s character of Hanji Zoe knows exactly where to attack, and she showed the press where it is by attacking the cake in the nape of the neck, which, as any Attack on Titan fan would know, is where you should hit if you want to kill a titan.


She may not have her 3D Maneuver Gear with her, but she did bring some titan-killing blades which can reduce them down to bite-sized pieces. She then proceeded to cut the cake up afterwards.

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At least she did not use a grenade launcher, right?

The first movie premiered in Singapore last 13 August, with Encore Films distributing the movie, which will be available in Japanese audio with both English and Chinese subtitles. The second movie, Attack on Titan: End of the World, will premiere in Japan on 19 September.

source: Kotaku