Voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who voiced the character Hikaru Tezuka in the anime version of Library Wars (図書館戦争), will be appearing in the second part of live action movie of the same work.

“I was deeply surprised by the news when the offer came, and being on the set of the movie made me quite nervous, ” said Tatsuhisa Suzuki. He is seen together with actor Souta Fukushi, who plays Hikaru Tezuka on the live action movie (photo below). In a special combination that includes both the reel and voice actors for Tezuka, moviegoers will be able to see double-Tezuka in a scene together.

library wars
From left to right: Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Souta Fukushi

Library Wars is a light novel series by Hiro Arikawa, and was first published in 2006. It is set in the near future, and tells the story of the life of Iku Kasahara, who newly joined the Kanto Library Base. She was inspired to follow in the footsteps of a Library Defence Force member who saved her book from being taken away for censorship, under the Media Betterment Act passed by the Japanese Government. At the Library Base, she meets Atsushi Dojo, her instructor, and the pair develop feelings for each other as the story unfolds. The anime version of the popular series soon came out in 2008, and immense popularity of the series led to a live action movie as well. The first installment of Library Wars was back in 2013, starting Nana Eikura (as Iku Kasahara), and V6 member, Junichi Okada (as Atsushi Dojo).

This is indeed great news for fans of Tatsuhisa Suzuki, and we can look forward to seeing him act, this time, on the silver screen!

Library Wars: The Last Mission, premieres October 10, 2015 in cinemas all over Japan


Source: Animate TVOricon Style