Sometimes, there are collaborations which make a lot of sense, like Kantai Collection and Arpeggio of Blue Steel. However, there are ones which we would never see coming, like the one just announced by One Piece mangaka Eiichiro Oda.


So, Eiichiro Oda goes into Kanda Myoujin Shrine in Akihabara just to pray, just like any other Japanese person would do when visiting a sacred Shinto shrine, and what happens when he walks out? A collaboration with Love Live! of course!


Even he doesn’t know how it happened for crying out loud! The announcements were made in Weekly Shounen Jump! magazine, in both the Japanese version and Viz Media’s English translated version. However, no details were mentioned on this collaboration, but then again, this is really a very unexpected one where even One Piece’s creator did not see coming. I wonder what will happen if other high profile mangaka walk into the shrine?

Kanda Myoujin is located in Akihabara, and is considered as the otaku capital’s most spiritual landmark. The shrine was featured in Love Live! on multiple occasions, and even once featured muse member, Nozomi Tojo, working as a shrine maiden. Since the anime’s first season was aired, the shrine has been frequented by Love Livers, who do constant pilgrimages to the shrine Nozomi works for. Every New Year, the shrine is littered with anime-themed (mostly Love Live!) emas, and have even released an official Love Live! ema of their own, as well as an official Nozomi charm. The shrine also appointed Nozomi as their ambassador.

source: Crunchyroll