The works of Studio Ghibli has been loved by the world over, and fans of their movies have been showing some Ghibli love a lot lately. Remember that epic Howl’s Moving Castle cosplay? Yet another fan seems to have made another Ghibli-inspired creation, but this time, it’s from Hayao Miyazaki‘s Castle in the Sky.


It’s no secret that Hayao Miyazaki is a big fan of planes and all sorts of flying machines, and it is often translated in his works. One of the most famous flying machines from these Miyazaki movies is the “flaptter”, which mechanically flies through the air by beating its wings.

One fan named Kazuhiko Kakuta, has recreated that very flying machine from Castle in the Sky, and used a few 3D-printed parts to complete it. Hey, it even has a miniature Dola to compliment the Castle in the Sky theme! I wonder if she can use this to escape Col. MusKa’s forces chasing her?

Like Miyazaki, Kazuhiko Kakuta is a huge fan of aircraft, and has been making these Flaptters since 2011. This model Flaptter is actually remote controlled and actually works! Even though the machine crashed in the end, just being able to make it stay up in the air is quite an achievement in of itself.

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source: Rocket News 24