In Japan, otakus have said it time and time again that 2D girls will always be better than real ones. That seems to be the case for one dating sim fan who actually went on a “romantic seaside getaway” with his 2D girlfriend.


Twitter user, @menokomakiri, went to a popular Japanese dating spot in Shizuoka Prefecture, known as Atami, with his 2D waifu, Manaka Takane, from the dating sim series, LovePlus. However, unlike most people going to a date with their waifus, he is not doing it in the 2D world (LovePlus is available in both DS and 3DS platforms so he can have a date with her anytime and anywhere as long as his batteries are charged up). He really took Manaka with him on a romantic getaway, but if he’s not doing it with her portable version, then how? Simple, get a full body suit version of her!


Whether he got somebody to dress up as Manaka in a full-body suit, or it really is him all alone and taking pictures of himself as Manaka, it is still a mystery. But @menokomakiri has really taken pictures of his date with his beloved waifu.


From visiting some of Shizuoka’s most famous tourist attractions like the Omiya no Matsu pine tree and having tea with Manaka, to a day at the beach with Manaka wearing a swimsuit and even a pillow fight before bed, the dating sim fan documented his romantic getaway very well.

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Now ain’t that just the sweetest thing ever? Can you feel the romance yet?

source: Rocket News 24