Move over itashas, the ita-bags are taking over! Ita-bags have become the latest trend for anime fans in Japan. One reason is because more people can afford one as opposed to owning a much more expensive itasha, which as many would know, is an anime-themed car.

Just like there are itasha contests, there are also ita-bag contests, and the latest one can hardly be called a bag anymore as it looks more like a shrine dedicated to Love Live!’s resident maid, Kotori Minami.


Laden with all sorts of Kotori merchandise, from straps to can badges to plushies, this bag does not look like an actual bag at all! Twitter user, @vicks2054, who entered the bag into the contest is one proud Kotori fanboy, and without a doubt, he won since he basically attached everything Kotori-related but a Kotori-themed kitchen sink!

Ita, which means painful, has been attached to anime-themed items, from itashas (cars) to itacharis (bikes) to even itasuits. With all that Kotori merchandise, that bag must have really been painful to carry, huh? But of course, that’s not his only Kotori merchandise… look what time it is!

They say that Love Livers are some of the most dedicated fans on Earth, and this guy might just prove that theory correct.

source: Rocket News 24