Comiket 88 has already begun, and the bi-annual doujinshi extravaganza is just as wild as ever. Like Comiket 87, the Tokyo Big Sight will once again host the event, with an estimated 5,000 people have camped out in the area overnight.

Yes, that’s just roughly 5,000 people, which is a small fraction of day 1’s estimated number of attendees.

On normal days where there is no event, the Big Sight area is often devoid of people and is usually calm and quiet, but during Comiket season, this entire portion of Odaiba braces itself for battle, as thousands of people flock the Tokyo Big Sight just for Comiket.

Normally, Kokasai Tenjijo Station is also quiet, but during the “calm before the storm”, one can notice a change in the atmosphere as anime, video game, manga, and light novel ads litter the train station as well as the surrounding areas.

Even the Lawson convenience store located just outside Kokasai Tenjijo Station has prepared for the upcoming onslaught, and they have readied plenty of drinks to prepare these people for the heat both inside and outside the Tokyo Big Sight.

And since this is Comiket we are talking about, that same train station Lawson is selling exclusive goodies as well.

Comiket, also known as Summer Comic Market, is considered one of the most important, most popular, and wildest anime and manga events on Earth. It happens twice a year, three days in August and three days in December, and is considered the largest . gathering of fan works (doujins) in Japan This edition is being held from 14 – 16 August 2015.

source: Rocket News 24