Japan is being hit with a new dance craze, and it’s called the Pikachu dance. And the craze has caught onto several noted figures, like Japanese megastar and noted Pokefan, Shokotan, showing us the moves.

Now, more notable Japanese personalities are joining in on the new dance craze, including World Order, who will be performing in Singapore for MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON FESTIVAL 2015 from 5 – 6 September. Here’s their take on the new Pikachu dance craze:

The new dance craze has been a great way to promote the upcoming Pikachu Outbreak event in Yokohama. In fact, the entire city has been caught up in the Pikachu fever, including their own Yokohama F. Marinos Football Team!

Here are the other Japanese celebrities who have been caught in this new dance fever:

Dempagumi Inc.

Yuuka Uena

Up Up Girls


Pure Lemon

Arisa Ueno

The Pokemon Company Youtube Channel also released a compilation videos for all their guest dancers, which include Shoko Nakagawa and some of the dancers featured above.

The Pikachu Outbreak will be held from 8 – 18 August 2015 and will take place in various areas around the city of Yokohama, with various Pokemon-related activities, including those dancing Pikachus which went viral last year.

source: ANN