DoCoMo’s Online-video service, dTV, celebrated the launch of the live-action Attack on Titan movies’ mini-drama series, Beacon for Counterattack, which launched on 15 June. They invited the main cast to celebrate, however, there was one very special invited guest, and she’s not from the live-action versions, but part of the cast of the anime adaptation. Enter Yuu Kobayashi.


The seiyuu/ “illustrator” is famous for voicing Sasha Braus, who is better known to fans as the “Potato Girl”, and she is also famous for her… uhhh… unique (?) illustrations. As expected, she was asked to draw her favorite scene from the live-action version’s TV mini-series.


Holy Kobayashi! That really is a unique drawing! In her official twitter page, she revealed that her favorite scene involves Sasha, of course. So what did she draw? It’s the scene where Sasha, played by Nanami Sakuraba, goes hunting with her grandfather and a special four-legged companion.

This mini-series spin-off shifts the focus from the Eren-Mikasa-Armin trio, to the character of Hanji Zoe, played by Satomi Ishihara. The series, which premiered last 15 August, comprises of three episodes, and each one is slated to run 30 minutes. Episode 1 focuses on the exploits of Hanji while conducting her “Titan Research”, while episode 2 introduces us to the lovable “Potato Girl” herself, Sasha. Finally, episode three introduces us to some of the live-action movie’s original characters and give some more background information about them.

source: Crunchyroll