Arpeggio of Blue Steel’s three-member seiyuu unit, Trident, will be releasing their second mini-album “Blue Destiny” on 16 September 2015. Flying Dog’s official youtube page has started streaming a new PV for the mini-album, and it contains all the theme songs for the second movie,  Arpeggio of Blue Steel Ars Nova: Cadenza.

The track list for the Blue Destiny mini-album has also bee revealed:

1.”Blue Destiny”  Trident (Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova- Cadenza theme song)

 2. “Blue Rain”  Trident

3. “Crystal Way” Iona (Mai Fuchigami) x Haruna (Hibiku Yamamura)

 4. “Blazing Nova”  Takao (Manami Numakura) x Iona (Mai Fuchigami)

5. “Nothing to fear” Haruna (Hibiku Yamamura) x Takao (Manami Numakura)

6. “Kawaranai Basho” (An Unchanged Place) Blue Steels

And here is the CD Jacket illustration featuring the three members of trident, Iona, Takao, and Haruna:


Arpeggion of Blue Steel Ars Nova: Cadenza will make its Japanese premiere this 3 October, and will pick-up where the first movie left off.

The three members of Trident are made up of the seiyuus, Mai Fuchigami (Iona), Manami Numakura (Takao), and Hibiku Yamamura (Haruna).

Mai Fuchigami, who is also known for voicing Girls und Panzer’s Miho Nishizumi (she’s both a submarine and a tank commander!), as well as Assassination Classroom’s Nagisa (she’s an assassin too by the way), will be heading to Jakarta this 27 September for AFAID!!!

Click here for more information about her AFAID visit!

source: Crunchyroll