Sore Ga Seiyuu has been an eye opener for many seiyuu and anime fans, who have gotten a crash course of sorts in the dealings of the seiyuu industry. The anime is known for having at least one guest seiyuu appearing episode, and last week featured Yui Horie (Monogatari’s Tsubasa Hanekawa and The Familiar of Zero’s Siesta), who performed the Kuroneko of Eternya 2 theme song “live” on stage during the anime.

The theme song is for the game that character Ichigo Moesaki has been casted, which is a spoof of the Tales of game. It was announced that this “show within a show” will be part of a soundtrack CD, along with AKINO from Bless4’s theme song for “Buddhist Warrior Bossaon” , another one of the anime’s show within a show. The CD will go on sale during Comiket 88 which will be from 14 – 16 August.

Here’s the exclusive Comiket episode cover art:


Yui Horie also has a personal connection with the Sore Ga Seiyuu anime herself, as she is a member of the seiyuu group, Aice5, together with Sore Ga Seiyuu’s creator/mangaka, Masumi Asano, who also happens to be her close friend in real life.

Back in 2005, Yui Horie, Akemi Kanda, Masumi Asano, Chiaki Takahashi, and Madoka Kimura formed the seiyuu unit known as Aice⁵. Unfortunately, they disbanded in 2007, however, 10 years after their formation, they have gotten back together for a new album. The group will also be facing off in a concert with their kouhais, the vocal unit known as the Earphones, which comprise of the anime’s three leads, Futaba Ichinose, voiced by Rie Takahashi (Shirobako’s Akane Uchida), Ichigo Moesaki, voiced by Yuki Nagaku (Medamayaki no Kimi Itsu Tsubusu?’s Aki), and Rin Kohana, who is voiced by another newcomer, Marika Kouno.


This sempai-kouhai seiyuu face-off will happen at the NHK hall on 22 November 2015, and tickets for the event will cost 7,60 yen, tax included. Flyers for their face-off concert are being distributed in Akihabara’s GAMERS and Animate stores.


So, will the Earphones pull off an upset and upstage their sempais, or will Aice5 show that they still got it?!

The other 4 Aice5 members are also confirmed to make an appearance in the anime, and are also appearing as their anime counterparts in the jacket of the Aice⁵ All Songs Collection “Sore ga Seiyū! Record CD”, which will be going on sale during Comiket 88.


The anime is based on the 4-koma manga written by actual seiyuu, Masumi Asano  and illustrated by Hayate the Combat Butler! mangaka, Kenjiro Hata. The anime also has plenty of connections with Hayate the Combat Butler! as both Hitomi Nabatame and Kenta Miyake (who also voices the senior butler, Klaus) are part of the anime’s cast.

source: Seiyuu Sokuhou and Comic Natalie