Month: September 2015
ANIME & MANGA September 30, 2015

[ANIME] To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd to continue on 28 October with 1-hour special

ANIME & MANGA September 30, 2015

[ANIME] Sailor Moon Crystal to return with a 3rd season, all 10 Sailor Senshi to appear


[JTECH] Evangelion Smartphone to cost more than 70,000 yen, pre-orders to open in November

ANIME & MANGA September 29, 2015

[ANIME] The Seven Deadly Sins are returning in 2016 with a new anime

ANIME & MANGA September 29, 2015

[ANIME] Ushio and Tora's 'Beast Spear' makes an appearance in Shinjuku

[Anime] Rejet and Elements Garden collaborate in a musical anime “Dance with devils”

ANIME & MANGA September 29, 2015

[SEIYUU] Ayana Taketatsu sings the ED song of 'Lance N’ Masques' anime in a new music video

AFASG September 29, 2015

Afilia Saga's Sister Group: Stand-Up! Hearts Will be Coming to AFASG

ANIME & MANGA, GAMES September 28, 2015

[ANIME] Key/Visual Art's bestselling visual novel, Rewrite, gets TV anime adaptation

ANIME & MANGA September 28, 2015

[ANIME] Working!!! to conclude with 1-hour anime special, Working!!!: Lord of the Takanashi

GAMES September 28, 2015

[GAMES] Kantai Collection adds new Yukata costumes, Shoukaku gets her Kai Ni

ANIME & MANGA September 27, 2015

[ANIME] Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 3rei! TV anime announced

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