Announced at the end of the second season of the Date A Live anime, Date A Live: Mayuri Judgement was first released in Japan on the 22nd of August 2015.

The movie features Mayuri, a spirit who will undoubtedly complicate Shidou Itsuka’s spirit-filled life even more. It will also feature an original story not found in the light novels, with Koushi Tachibana, the creator and author of the series, penning the story himself.


Fans of the series will not want to miss this opportunity to catch Date A Live: Mayuri Judgement at AFAID, this exclusive screening is the first place to catch the movie before the rest of Asia. AFAID 2015 is the only place you can get to see this movie in Indonesia. Don’t miss this for the world!

To whet your appetite, here is the trailer for the movie featuring the theme song performed by Sweet ARMS, the seiyuu unit comprised of, Iori Nomizu (Yoshino), Misuzi Togashi (Origami Tobiichi), Kaori Sadohara (Tamae Okamine), and Misato (Mana Takimiya). Prior to the movie, Sweet ARMS had previously performed the OP songs for Date A Live and Date A Live II.

This screening is open to all fans holding AFAID 2015 VIP, GA and Exhibition + Stage tickets, and also includes access to other day stage events featuring voice actress appearances, anisong artiste appearances, ARCC cosplay competition and performances.

Full details: http://animefestival.asia/afaid15/project/mayuri-judgement/ Don’t miss it! Make sure you come join us at Jakarta International Expo this September 25,26,27!http://animefestival.asia/afaid15/