After making their appearance at Taiwan for the infinite synthesis tour, fripSide returns to AFA Indonesia on the 26 September 2015.

Introduction to fripSide

fripSide has come a long way, formed back in 2002, the composer Satoshi Yaginuma and singer nao have made great hits for many anime and games. Back in 2006, fripSide worked with one of the famous publishing companies, “Visual Art’s” to produce many game songs, a few known in this compilation.

In 2009, nao graduated from the unit and was later replaced by Yoshino Nanjo, who is known nowadays as the voice of Eli Ayase from Love Live! School Idol Project and Shirabe Tsukuyomi from Symphogear. The first single released after Yoshino Nanjo joined, “only my railgun” hit the Oricon Weekly Single’s Chart by storm, making fripSide a household name in the Anisong world.

fripSide continued to release songs which appeared in the anime “A Certain Scientific Railgun”, including “Level5-judgelight-” and “sister’s noise”. Many of these were performed in the different appearances at Anime Festival Asia. “Black Bullet”, the black and red bullet that pierces through darkness, known as both the name of the anime and the opening theme song by fripSide.

Is there anything new to expect from fripSide this year at AFA Indonesia 2015?

fripSide released a new single for the anime “Future card Buddyfight” and a recent game compilation. Is there anyone of you who would want to see any of these songs performed live at AFA Indonesia 2015?

fripSide will be performed  on the 26 of September, together with DJ KAZU, LiSA and yanaginagi. Do catch this upcoming performance at AFA Indonesia 2015!


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