Iwami town in Totori Prefecture has become one of the hottest anime tourist destinations in Japan as of late, and it is all because of a certain anime called Free !. Much like Chichibu with AnoHana and Oarai with Girls und Panzer, the small fishing town in coastal Japan has welcomed hundreds of tourists every day who just want to visit the town which inspired some of the scenes of Free !.

An anime fan who goes by the twitter handle,  @ Momo_hiki29 , recently visited the Town and visited some of the sites that were featured in the anime, However, what this fan did WAS pretty amazing as she inserted a few scenes from the anime, which nicely blended in with real life.


OK Free fans, let’s play name the scene where these places were featured in:

!The town itself is pretty Free! -crazy, as this image might show:


Our very own AFA Channel Writer, 18thAngel , visited Iwami last year and got some amazing Photographs from the Town, Which many fans More Fan of the anime Are all too familiar with.

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And if you are planning to visit Iwami, 18thAngel even has a few tips:

  • You should not go to Iwami on a Monday (their tourism board is closed on Monday and so are some of the stalls, thus buying limited Free! items from Iwami is next to impossible)
  • The bus timing is 1 hour apart. So take your time to sight-see (just be wary of the last bus timing)
  • We were able to roam around the area in about 3 hours with 1 hour just to find Taijiri shrine (we thought that the bridge from observation deck was closed thus we had to find other entrance to the shrine ). Allocate 2 hours just to roam around. The walk is not that far as there is quite a lot of sights to see.
  • There is no wifi signal in Taijiri, so locating some places might be difficult. Better to rely on research.
  • There are no convenience stores in Taijiri shrine. Best to get some meal is at Uradome (if the shops are open. We went there on a Monday. nothing is open! ) or that supermarket on the way to Uradome coast.
  • The best way to go to taijiri shrine is to go to Taijiri park observatory first.

Kinda makes you want to book the next flight to Japan again, right?

Source: Rocket News 24