It is only a matter of weeks before the new season of Haikyu!! premiers in Japan, and the hype has only gotten stronger with some exciting new information!

A surprise cast announcement was made during the Haikyu!! Matsuri! Event for two manga characters who will be making their debut appearance in the second season, as well as news that SPYAIR will once again be coming back to perform the opening theme song.


Ryohei Kimura (Ryota Kise from Kuroko no Basket, Hirotaka Wakamatsu from Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun) will play Kotaro Bokuto, the captain of Fukurodani Academy. He is among the top five spikers in Japan. While he has a whimsical personality, Bokuto uses a varied and powerful arsenal of attacks during matches.


Ryota Osaka (Zen Wistalia Clarines from Snow White with the Red Hair, Eijun Sawamura from Diamond no Ace) will play Keiji Akaashi, setter and the vice-captain of Fukurodani Academy. With his quiet and calm personality, he serves as Fukurodani’s control tower, accurately reading the flow of the game. His role in the team is to play the straight man to Bokuto when he goes out of control.


SPYAIR will be returning to do the opening theme for the second season, titled “I’m A Believer”. The single will go on sale on 21 October 2015. While the CD cover art is yet to be revealed, the track list will go as follows:

  1. I’m A Believer
  2. IMAGINATION (Live at FUJI-Q HIGHLAND 2015.8.8)
  3. I’m A Believer (Instrumental)

They had previously done the first opening theme song for the first season of Haikyu!!, titled “Imagination”. You can listen to it on their official YouTube channel:

Interestingly, the Osaka-Kimura duo also played Haruto Tokishima and L-Elf, the main two characters from Valvrave: The Liberator, respectively. They had the chance to come down to Anime Festival Asia together in 2013 as part of a special stage segment for Valvrave: The Liberator, which was the featured anime in that year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they’ll visit our sunny little island again~

The second season of Haikyu!! will start airing from October onwards. I can’t wait to watch it; can you?

Official anime homepage: http://www.j-haikyu.com/anime/index.html

Official Twitter account: @animehaikyu_com