Titans have invaded Osaka for the “Attack on Titan Wall Osaka” exhibition, and to promote the limited-time exhibition, several posters of the city’s comedians have been spotted around the city, and they have been turned into titans!

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The collaboration is called “Shinkigeki no Kyojin”, which is a pun on Attack on Titan’s Japanese title and converts the word “Shingeki” into Shinkigeki, which is from “Yoshimoto Shinkigeki”, the popular Osaka-based comedy group whose members are featured as titans in the posters.

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The titanized “Yoshimoto Shinkigeki” members, which include Mr. Okure, Kazutoyo Koyabu, Morimizato, Ichinosuke Shimada, and Succhi, can be seen attacking several of Osaka’s most famous land marks. These posters can be found along the Hankyu line in Osaka.

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The Attack on Titan Exhibit WALL OSAKA exhibition, was launched back in 11 September at Grand Front Osaka, and it will be held until 18 September 2015.

Source: Comic Natalie