Capcom has made plenty of huge announcements during this year’s edition of the Tokyo Game Show at the Makuhari Messe in Chib. One of them is definitely monstrous, as their upcoming RPG for the Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter Stories, is getting an anime adaptation. Here’s the anime’s first PV:

Capcom also released an introductory video for the 3DS game, which introduces us to Monster Riders, who deepen their connections with monsters rather than hunting them, as opposed to Monster Hunters. The story will follow a Monster Rider boy, whose journeys take him into Monster Hunter territory, where he must find a way to coexist with hunters who view monsters differently from him.

The game has been in development for five years now, and has already been slated for release in japan next year. Meanwhile, the TV anime will also be shown starting 2016, and Fuji TV will be the one airing it in Japan.


Source: Inside Games