The “Final Season” of the Monogatari series is finally upon us. Before we say goodbye to Koyomi, Hitagi, Tsubasa, Shinobu, and the rest of the Monogatari gang, we will be treated to the finale series “Owarimonogatari”, and its trailer was just released.

The new PV not only features Oogi, but also the newest Monogatari heroine, Sodachi Oikura, who is voiced by Marina Inoue (Attack on Titan’s Armin Arlert and Haganai’s Yozora Mikaduki). The anime’s official website posted the new video, as well as the new key visual image, which features the mysterious Oogi Oshino.

owari key

Owarimonogatari will contain three stories, namely Oogi Formula, Sodachi Riddle, and Sodachi Lost, which are from the first of three Owarimonogatari light novels, as well as Shinobu Mail from the second light novel.

The anime is slated to premiere in Japan on 4 October at midnight (listed as 3 October by the website) and will run for 12 episodes. And yes, expect a lot of Shaft Head Tilts.