Moonies (Sailor Moon fans) rejoice! The official website of Sailor Moon has made one huge announcement, which revealed that Sailor Moon Crystal will be continuing for a third season. In addition, for the first time since the remake premiered last year, all 10 Sailor Senshis will be appearing together!


This third season will follow the “Death Busters Arc” and will be picking up where Sailor Moon Crystal: Black Moon Arc left off. The new anime will also be introducing Sailor Saturn, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Uranus, who will be completing the Sailor Senshi roster, along with Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus who were introduced in the first part, as well as Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Pluto who were introduced in the Black Moon Arc.

As Sailor Moon Crystal is known to follow the original magical girl manga by Naoko Takeuchi a lot more closely than the original 90’s anime series, fans are also hoping that the yuri relationship between Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus not be censored, much like the American version where they were played off as cousins instead of being actual lovers. That being said, fans are really getting excited for this one, especially with the three new Sailor Senshi joining in.

More announcements about this third season will be made in the days ahead.