The wait is over, as the third season of the short comedy anime, ‘血液型くん!’ or “Mr. Blood Type”, will be premiering on 12 October this year.

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The anime was adapted from the manga remake version of the Korean webtoon “A Simple Thinking about Blood types”. It involves comical scenarios of the interaction between four different characters of the four different blood types, A, B, O and AB, with their respective stereotyped personalities in Korea and Japan. With each episode being only five minutes long, anyone can easily watch and enjoy the series in between their busy schedules.

What’s also interesting is that the cast (both male and female) share the same blood type as the characters that they are playing. They include Jun Fukuyama (playing blood type A or A-Gata-kun), Yuichi Nakamura (blood type B or B-Gata-kun), Akira Ishida (blood type O or O-Gata-kun), Tetsuya Kakihara (blood type AB or AB-Gata-kun), Aoi Yuuki (playing blood type A or A-Gata-chan), Yui Horie (blood type B or B-Gata-chan), Yuu Kobayashi (blood type O or O-Gata-chan), and Mai Nakahara (blood type AB or AB-Gata-chan).

The cast members have shared their thoughts on the upcoming season (below).

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Jun Fukuyama: This anime is basically an anime which shows the four distinct personalities of human beings, corresponding to their blood types, complete with nonsense! There are many elements in this anime and i’m sure everyone will find something they like in it. It’s true! And it somehow we made it to season three! I will try my very best as the guy with blood type A!

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Yuichi Nakamura: I can’t believe it’s season three already! Did any of you predict that this would happen? Like the previous two seasons, this one is filled with scenarios that will certainly make you go, “Ah, I’ve seen this sort of people before!” Please look forward to the anime!

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Akira Ishida: Blood-type kun”, which portrays the familiar personalities of people with different blood types in various situations, is back. Please give us your support.

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Tetsuya Kakihara: “Blood type-kun” is starting again?! And it’s titled, “Blood-type kun! 3”?! Can’t they just twist it a little?” I’m sure we’ll be hearing such comments from the audience. However, i’m sure that it is due to your continuous support and good reviews that enabled the anime to go on to season 3! Thank you guys! Please continue to give us your support. I will go all out to deliver my character, AB-Gata kun!

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Aoi Yuuki: A responsible and serious person? With these characteristics in mind, I’ll enjoy my recording as A-Gata chan!

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Yui Horie: A lot has been said about Blood type B people like me! However, I will do my best to show the cute side and the goodness of Blood type B girls!

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Yuu Kobayashi: Congratulations, “Blood-type kun” on reaching season 3! I sincerely thank all of you whom have supported this series! I’m so touched to be able to act as O-Gata chan again, and will do my best in this series!

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Mai Nakahara: It’s amazing that we have a season three now! I’m happy to be able to play AB-Gata chan again, and I’ll try my best to show the goodness of blood type AB people.

Even if you may be new to the different stereotypes of the different blood types in Japan, this anime will definitely give you a short and effective introduction to it! The scenarios may even remind you of some of the people around you! So don’t forget to check out the humourous short skits of “Blood-type kun” when it comes out on 12 October. Laughter is guaranteed!

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