The anime adaptation of Sorata Akizuki’s popular shoujo manga series, Snow White with the Red Hair (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime), is currently airing and making fangirls squee in Japan, and its official website has announced that its second season will be continuing the anime’s story next year on January 2016.


During a pre-screening event for the anime last July, it was announced that the anime will be a split-cour, which means that it will be worth two seasons. However, it will not be shown continuously, much like Fate/ Zero and Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works.


Saori Hayami (Sachi in Sword Art Online ) and Ryouta Ohsaka ( Eijun Sawamura in Diamond no Ace) star in the anime adaptation of the popular shoujo manga, with Masahiro Ando ( Zetsuen no Tempest ) slated to return as the director.

The anime follows Shirayuki, who was once a citizen of Tanbarun Kingdom, whose prized beauty was known throughout the land. Her beauty resonated and captured the attention of the current prince of the Kingdom, Prince Raj. The prince orders Shirayuki to become one of his concubine, however, she escapes and meets Prince Zen, voiced by Ryouta Ohsaka.

Source: Snow White with Red Hair official