This year’s edition of the AniSong extravaganza, Animelo Summer Live 2015, will be remembered as one of the most memorable events in AniSong history. Its first day was widely talked about on the internet, as the two biggest idol anime in history, The [email protected] and Love Live!, came together for a historic collaboration performance.

It has been a few days since Animelo day one, and people are still talking about it a great deal. And Fuji TV’s morning variety show, Mezamashi TV, has featured that very performance, which got fans even more excited.

Here are a few screenshots from their feature, which made the fans who were not able to see the concert live, very happy.

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The people who were able to watch AniSong history unfold surely felt like the luckiest people on Earth when the 765 Pro All-stars ([email protected]) and μ’s (Love Live!) appeared together on stage, huh? And fans are asking for more, and who could blame them?! So, who here wants even more [email protected] x Love Live collaborations?

Source: Crunchyroll