Making costumes is hard, and sometimes, those who do not have proper costume-making skills would often turn to officially made costumes for them to cosplay their favorite characters. And if you want a shortcut to cosplaying a Dragon Ball character with minimal effort, then the anime merchandise shop Gee! Store might have something perfect for you!


Gee! Store is offering special latex masks of Super Saiyan Son Goku, Frieza, and Piccolo, which can be worn for various purposes, which includes Halloween, parties, or scaring little kids, because seriously, these masks actually do look quite scary. As for the price, they aren’t exactly over 9,000 yen, so your wallet can give out a sigh of relief. The Goku mask sells for 5,590 yen, while the Frieza and Piccolo masks each cost 4,990 yen.

To complete the costumes, Gee! Store is also selling full body costumes for all three of these characters, However, each one of these Dragon Ball full body costumes are in fact over 9,000 as each one costs 10,584 yen.


Now, if they can only recreate those battle auras from the anime…

source: Kotaku