Some cosplays are amazing, and during this year’s Tokyo Game Show at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, one female coser turned heads with an amazing cosplay of Metal Gear Solid’s very own cyborg ninja, Raiden.


There is no cosplay competition in the Tokyo Game Show, however, if the event had one, many of the people who attended the event are saying that the winner would have been Masazi, a popular and active cosplayer who not only models in Japan, but has also visited China just to cosplay.


Her Raiden cosplay was so good that she drew praise from the official Metal Gear Online twitter staff, especially on her amazing headgear gimmick!

Here’s her own twitter video featuring her as Raiden

That amazing Raiden costume was made by her friend, @gamisanjp, who did a wonderful job with the costume. However, it was Masazi herself who completely sold the character as she really transformed herself as Raiden.

Source: Rocket News 24