In cosplay, many people have improved as time goes by, honing their makeup, crafting, and posing skills as they gain experience through various cosplay shoots and events. Needless to say, improving your cosplay skills DEFINITELY does not happen overnight.

A new trend has been happening in Japan with their cosplayers, who have been showing off how much they have improved through time by posting Then vs. Now images through twitter, and boy have they improved!

According to some of these cosplayers, just by changing a few aspects of their costume, such as the wig or the contact lenses, mean a whole lot of difference in improving a cosplay. However, that clearly is not all there is to it as many of them have improved on putting on their facial expressions and have better poses, as well as having better makeup.

It also be safe to say that cosplayers are like fine wine, which become better as time goes along. So get more experience, hone your crafting skills, and learn from your mistakes, because who knows? You might win in the next AFA event, right?

Source: Rocket News 24